There might be some occasions in which you realize you’re not okay. That doesn’t mean you’ve got the time or the luxury of having a breakdown right there, though. What you can do is breathe and make a plan now that helps you later. That is something you can do quickly.

Take a Mini Break

When you’re feeling at the end of your wits, you need a break. Maybe a true break isn’t possible right this second. That’s certainly understandable. But if you can walk away for a little bit, say for five minutes, that can help you to feel a little less overwhelmed. Make sure your senior is fine where she is and sneak off to another room to breathe deeply for a little bit. It really can help.

Set up Actual Time Away

When you’ve got a little bit of your feet back under you, do something before you get back to the caregiving grind. Grab your calendar and mark out at least three different times when you might be able to get away for a few hours. You don’t have to have perfect information just yet, you’re looking for possibilities. Call in elder care providers who can give you that respite time and lock in at least one of those dates and times.

Get Back in Touch with Your Needs

Part of the reason you feel this buildup of pressure is that you’re ignoring what you need. You’re probably not doing that deliberately or even maliciously, but it’s still happening. To get yourself back on track quickly, it’s important that you spend a little bit of time and energy getting back in touch with what you need. What is it that you’re not doing that you know you need? That might be sleeping a certain number of hours a night or eating healthier foods. You can’t change all of that in five minutes, but you can grab a healthy snack or resolve to get to bed earlier that night.

Make a List of Things to Look Forward to in the Near Future

Respite time is something to look forward to. Upcoming holidays, even birthdays or anniversaries, can be, too. What you might be looking most forward to could be something small, like a favorite author’s new book coming out. But whatever it is, put it in a list. When you’re feeling particularly worn down or dragged around by life and by caregiving, take out that list. That list can remind you that you’ve got good stuff coming that you know about as well as good stuff headed your way that you don’t yet know about. You’ve got this.

Taking care of yourself, even in small bursts as you’re able to do so, helps you to be a better caregiver. When you ignore what you need, you get lost in the shuffle and can’t be the caregiver you want to be.

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