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Exercise Reduces Risk of Depression Regardless of Age

Senior Care in Cinco Ranch TX: Exercise Reduces Risk of Depression Regardless of Age

You may have heard the term “runner’s high.” It describes the good feeling that many people have when they exercise. There are a lot of theories about why it happens. Some say runner’s high is caused by endorphins, while others argue that it has more to do with neurotransmitters. Still others say it might have something to do with an increase in body temperature. Whatever the cause of the phenomenon, new research says that exercising could help reduce the risk of depression no matter what a person’s age.

Exercise and Depression Study

A team of researchers recently reviewed data collected from approximately 267,000 people from North America that had been involved in 49 studies. The study participants had not been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness. At least seven years-worth of data was available on each of them.

The purpose of the study wasn’t to show that exercise reduces depression, but the researchers did discover a link. The data showed that people who were physically active had less risk for depression. And, they observed this effect across all age groups.

The study is important because it is the first global review that shows a link between exercise and the risks for developing depression regardless of age or location. The researchers say it provides more compelling evidence that people should participate in some form of physical activity regularly.

Easy Ways for Seniors to Exercise

Although researchers aren’t sure how much exercise it takes to reduce depression risks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does provide recommendations for the amount of exercise older adults need for good health. They say that older adults should get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. In addition, they should do strengthening exercises on at least two days of the week.

Senior care can help your aging relative to be more physically active in these simple ways:

  • A senior care provider can go for walks with the older adult, offering them a supporting arm, companionship, and a reassurance of safety.
  • A senior care provider can garden with an older adult, which is a great form of physical activity that doesn’t feel like exercise.
  • A senior care provider can supervise while your family member exercises at home, using a treadmill, an exercise video, or whatever form they choose.
  • A senior care provider can drive to group fitness classes or the gym.
  • When driving the older adult to the grocery store, appointments, or other places, a senior care provider can park the car further away from the door so that the older adult walks longer distances.

No matter what form of physical activity your aging relative enjoys, a senior care provider can monitor to ensure they remain safe. Just having someone present can make seniors feel more comfortable about being active.


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