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Does Your Family Member or Friend Provide In-Home Care in River Oaks TX?

Remembering Your Family Member or Friend Who Provides In-Home Care in River Oaks TX for Your Aging Loved One

Fantastic Gift Ideas for Caregivers on Valentine’s Day!

If you have a friend or family member providing in-home care for a loved one, finding a wonderful treat for Valentine’s Day is a great way to say thanks. In-home caregivers empower clients to enjoy cheerful, healthy lives in the privacy of their own home and what better way to return the favor than by showing your appreciation for all they do.


A gift certificate for a massage is the perfect gift for someone who provides in-home care. Half hour and hour massages are available to reduce pressure and emotional stress.  The benefit of an intensive, hands-on massage might motivate them to make a massage a part of their monthly routine. There are many qualified massage salons in your area and who wouldn’t love a relaxing time at the spa!In-Home Care River Oaks TX

Gift Basket

You can buy pre-packaged gift baskets at many retail stores, on the internet and at florists. If you already know the caregiver, you can build the basket yourself by including some of their favorite things. One example is, if you know they like to garden, fill up the basket with small garden tools, packages of flower seeds and a flowerpot. If the caregiver is a guy, fill the basket with sports-themed objects and a gift certificate for a round of golf.

Gift Certificates

Give the caregiver a Valentine’s Day card along with a gift certificate to dinner or to the movies. Attempt to find out some of the caregiver’s favorite places to eat and get a certificate to that certain place. Order movies tickets online so they will not  expire and the caregiver can use them at anytime.

Spa Treatments

Female caregivers will like a spa day or spa treatments. Provide her a gift certificate to a local spa. Some spas offer you half day and full day amenities. Another approach is to get a gift certificate to a local nail salon for a manicure and pedicure. This will allow the caregiver to spend time on herself and relax.

Tea or Coffee

If the caregiver enjoys tea or coffee, make a special gift to give them on Valentine’s Day. Fill sizeable coffee mugs with an array of coffee and a gift card to a nearby coffee shop. For a tea lover, fill sizeable glasses with different bags and boxes of tea.


In-home care takes a special person with a lot of patience. Show your caregiver how much you care about the things they do for you and your loved one by giving them a special gift on Valentine’s Day.

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