Lots of older adults wake up feeling stiff. It can make it difficult to get out of bed. In fact, it might make your aging relative feel like going back to bed or just stay there in the first place. One common cause of pain and stiffness in the morning is arthritis, particularly rheumatoid arthritis. No matter what the cause of the problem, there are ways your older family member can feel better when they get up in the morning. Below are some ways for seniors to fight back against morning stiffness.

Prepare Before Going to Bed

Before going to bed at night, set up the older adult’s bedside table so that they can take a pain killer or anti-inflammatory medication about an hour before getting out of bed. Place a glass of water and the medication next to the bed. Since they can cause nausea, it’s a good idea to also have a small snack available, such as some crackers. The senior can set an alarm to wake an hour before they get up, take the medication, and eat the snack. Then, they can go back to sleep for an hour. If they aren’t able to go back to sleep, having something to do for an hour while they relax can help, such as a book or magazine to read.

A home care provider can assist with setting up the senior’s bedside table, so they can take medicine before they get out of bed. The home care provider can remind the older adult to set out their dosage of medicine. The home care provider can also bring a glass of water and snack.

Stay Warm

Keeping the bedroom warm can ease pain and stiffness. Be sure to set the thermostat at a comfortably warm temperature for the senior. They can also use heating pads or electric blankets to stay warm. However, they shouldn’t sleep with them all night long as they could cause burns.

Home care can ensure that your aging relative’s bedroom is warm and comfortable by adjusting the thermostat and covering them with extra blankets. If the senior does use a heating pad or electric blanket, the home care provider can turn them off after they fall asleep.

Take a Warm Bath or Shower

Warm water eases joint pain and stiffness. A 10- or 20- minute soak can soothe joints and make movement easier. Massaging joints with a warm washcloth during the bath can also help get them moving.

A home care provider can assist the older adult with getting safely in and out of the bath or shower, ensuring that they don’t fall.


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