Meals might be one area where you and your senior don’t see eye to eye. Perhaps you argue about what she’ll eat or when she’ll have some food. Or maybe she just doesn’t talk to you about what she eats at all. Meals can be much more positive for both of you.

Stick with Simple Meals

Simple meals have a lot more appeal than people tend to give them credit for. Whole foods, cooked in simple ways, are full of nutrients and can be just the ticket. Fancier dishes are sometimes difficult to put together and sometimes they might not turn out how anyone expects them to. Keeping things simple helps to meet everyone’s expectations for a good meal.

Temperature Matters More than You Think

Beyond simplicity, sometimes temperature can have an impact on how meals are received. If the food is too hot, your elderly family member may find it frustrating to wait for it to cool. But if colder foods are uncomfortable for her, she’s got the opposite problem. Talk to your senior about what she prefers. That way you’re not left guessing.

Reduce Serving Sizes

When serving sizes are too large, meals can feel more intimidating for your senior. Offering smaller serving sizes and giving your senior some more choices can help her to feel more empowered about what she’s eating. Sampling a few things here and there can also help her to add a wider array of foods and therefore nutrients into her daily diet.

Eating with Someone Is Always Better than Eating Alone

When your senior eats alone, that can make meals a true non-event. This isn’t about having the good china out or inviting the entire neighborhood over, but very few people truly love to eat alone. And if your senior already spends a lot of time alone, this can just emphasize that for her. Set aside time when you can to enjoy meals with her, but consider other alternatives, too. Senior care providers can help her with meal preparation and also offer companionship while she eats. That’s a lot more enjoyable.

For so many aging adults mealtimes are scary or lonely times that don’t have to be that way. Talk to your elderly family member about what she would rather have that experience be like. Chances are that there are small changes you can make that will go a long way toward creating a more positive experience.

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