Homecare in Galleria TX: Does Your Senior Only Want Help from You?

On one hand, it can be flattering if your elderly family member only wants help from you. But eventually, that becomes exhausting. When you’re the only one she’ll allow to assist her, that means you’re on call constantly. That may not be easy to do when you’re trying to have your own life while also helping her. This means you need to put a plan in place.

This Gets Complicated

You do a lot for your aging family member as her caregiver, but you do have your own life. You also can’t be there every minute of every day. There may be times when you simply can’t be there for your senior. That doesn’t mean that her needs end, though. So you need to have an answer and a plan in place to sort this out.

Is There a Deeper Reason?

Your senior might be responding this way because she feels unsafe, uncertain, or she worries that she’s ill or otherwise unable to care for herself. It’s really important to find out if this is deeper than just having a specific preference for someone to care for her. Talk with your senior’s doctor so that you can rule out medical concerns. If you do find that there’s something more going on, you can start to address it properly.

Take Some Action

Assuming that there are no medical causes or that they’re being addressed, the next step is to ease your senior into a new way of looking at things. Hire home care providers and work out an action plan for helping your senior to adjust. Home care providers can help you to determine how to introduce this idea to her in a way that she is more likely to accept. Getting to know her new helpers gradually can help quite a bit.

Put a Solid Plan in Place

Now that you’ve started to take some action, you need a full plan. you need to take time away from caregiving and allow home care services to take over in your absence. They can handle anything that needs to be done and you can rest for a bit. As your elderly family member becomes more and more accustomed to this new routine, she may have far less to resist.

Your senior isn’t the only one affected when she only accepts help from you. This places extreme demands on your time and energy, too. Make sure that you’re taking time for yourself so that you can recover and come back to be the caregiver that she needs.

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