This is a great article that discusses how to help children understand Alzheimer’s and Dementia. How do you tell your kids that Grandma or Grandpa might not remember them? How do we explain what is happening? Enjoy this article from and if you need information about home health care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, contact At Your Side Home Care.

Helping Children Understand Dementia

When a family member has a dementia such as Alzheimer’s, it affects everyone in the family, including children and grandchildren. Giving children understandable information about dementia can help them cope with Alzheimer’s in their family. The type of relationship the child has with the family member and the child’s age are important to help determine:

  • What information the child receives
  • How the information is presented
  • The child’s part, if any, in caring for the person with dementia

Bookstores contain a number of resources about dementia that are available for children of all ages.  They go into more detail about how to talk with and support children affected by dementia. Generally, some suggestions are:

  • Answer children’s questions simply and honestly. For example, you might tell a young child, “Grandma has an illness that makes it hard for her to remember things.”
  • Help children to know that their feelings of sadness and anger are normal.
  • Comfort them. If children express guilt or feel that they may have done something to hurt their grandparent, reassure them that they did not cause the disease.

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In most cases, your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s can remain at home with home health care or caregiver respite. If you need help at home with home health care in Houston, call At Your Side Home Care at 832-271-1600. We provide quality and affordable home health care for seniors, veterans and the disabled in our community.