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How Can Parkinson’s Patients Conserve Energy?

Home Care Services in West Memorial TX: How Can Parkinson’s Patients Conserve Energy?

Home Care Services in West Memorial TX: How Can Parkinson’s Patients Conserve Energy?

For people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), each day can be a struggle to continue to do the things they did before their diagnosis. In addition to the physical changes that can make tasks difficult, people with PD often battle fatigue and a lack of energy. Considering the extra energy it can take to do regular tasks that were once easy, it’s not surprising that PD patients tire out easily. If your older adult family member struggles to manage the fatigue that comes with PD, there are several things that can be done to help them conserve energy. Below are some strategies that may help.

Plan the Day
As family caregivers and home care providers plan the daily schedule for a PD patient, plan in time to take breaks. For example, if you know the senior has a doctor’s appointment in the morning, plan for them to sit and rest for a while when they return home. Don’t expect to do activity after activity with no down time. Also, expect activities to take longer than they once would have. The senior may need to rest during the activity, too. Also, allow for a rest period after meals since the act of eating can be tiring.

Allow for Sitting Whenever Possible
Whenever possible, the PD patient should sit to do daily tasks. For example, where they might have once stood in front of the bathroom mirror to groom, offer a chair for them to sit. A shower chair or bench will allow seniors to sit while showering, which can also save some energy. If the senior enjoys cooking with family caregivers and home care providers, ask them to help with preparation steps that they can do while sitting at the table.

Make Use of Adaptive Equipment
There are several adaptive devices that can make daily tasks easier. Seniors with PD may find grabbers useful. A grabber will extend the senior’s reach so they do not have to get up as often to reach things. There are also devices made to help people with mobility issues to dress more easily, such as button hooks and sock aids.

Avoid Excessive Physical Activity
Although it may sometimes be tempting for the PD patient to do more than they should, especially when they are having a good day, remind them to take it easy. Home care providers and family members can help with lifting heavy items and performing strenuous tasks.

When people with PD are able to conserve the energy they might normally use on daily tasks, they’ll have more energy to do the things they enjoy. Energy conservation can allow seniors with PD to enjoy a better quality of life. Home care providers can be an asset for people with PD since they can help with many of the things that use a great deal of energy, such as cooking, light housecleaning, and dressing.


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