Home Care in Memorial, TXIt was late evening when Nick arrived at the hospital. He was the last of his family to get there, after two connecting flights and a slow rental car transaction, but he was there, and that was important to him and the rest of his family. When he was told that his father had suffered a massive heart attack, and that it looked like he would pull through, he was simultaneously upset and relieved. His father was alive.

The next discussion centered around getting him some support and care at home. The doctor mentioned that he shouldn’t be alone, at least not for some time. It was imperative that he have someone with him around the clock during the first couple of months, at least, in order to help him recover fully from this heart attack. What the doctor was talking about was live-in care for seniors.

To Nick and the rest of the family this made perfect sense, and they began calling around the next morning to find out what resources were available within the area. Because he lived relatively close to a major city, the resources were abundant. Nick and his sister even found two potential agencies that could find the right individual for live-in home care.

By late that morning, they were allowed to spend some time with their father. He looked weak and weary and it was a stark contrast to what Nick remembered of his father the last time that they were together, less than six months earlier. They talked about his condition and that he was going to need live in care for seniors when he went home.

Nick noticed that his father shook them off when they talked about live-in home care. Nick decided to mention alternatives, like nursing home care or assisted living, but he already knew that his father wasn’t interested in any of that.

By the time that Nick’s father could speak, he didn’t want to talk about this type of care. Nick and his sister spoke about this problem, as they saw it, over lunch in town. When they spoke to the doctor later on, wondering what they could do, he told them to be patient. “Sometimes you just have to let the patient get used to the idea of live-in care for seniors, and more importantly, their new reality.”

He assured them that in most cases, the patient understands what’s in their best interest and he expected that their father would come around soon. And he did. It’s important to allow your elderly loved one to have time to adjust to the notion of live-in care for seniors.

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