Home Care in Memorial TX

Home Care in Memorial TX

Since 1909, Lincoln has adorned the one cent coin, better known as the penny.   April 1 is National One Cent Day and the perfect opportunity to do something a bit different with a senior.  Friends, family, grandkids, and even elder care providers can all chip in to make this a special day for an elderly loved one.  Here are a few suggestions for some activities to do with a senior on this special day.

1.  Tell stories about what could be bought with one cent back in the day

Ironically, it costs twice as much to produce the penny than what it is actually worth. In the US market, there is isn’t much, if any thing one can buy nowadays with a penny. But this wasn’t always so. Use this opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with a senior and discover what could be bought with just one cent or a few cents when he or she was a kid.  Compare it to what the same item costs today.  This is a great way to exercise the mind and practice some math skills while sharing memories.

2.  Roll pennies

Chances are the senior will have some pennies lying around.  Take this time to help the senior gather their one cent pieces and other loose change lying around the house and roll them up.  Afterwards, the senior can decide what they want to do with the extra money; give it to charity, buy something they’ve been needing, or save the money.

3.  Post on social media

Keeping up with friends on Facebook and other social media platforms is fun for seniors.  To get them interacting with friends and family on National One Cent Day, encourage the senior to post their penny stories and/or chronicle their One Cent Day celebration by using  #NationalOneCentDay to post on social media.

4.  Talk about history and the Civil War

With Lincoln the face of the one cent, it’s only natural to use this day to watch a documentary or movie about Lincoln or the Civil War.  There are so many films to choose from that there is sure to be something the senior likes. From Gone with the Wind to Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Slayer, there is a genre for all film tastes.


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