You may recognize many of the dangers to your aging loved ones that exist in their own homes. You know that if your aging loved ones deal with mobility issues they should not have loose rugs on the floor, and the furniture should be arranged in such a way that there is an open and clear path for them to move through. You have installed grip handles and nonslip pads in the bathtub, and have even invested in a chair lift to help your aging loved ones get up the stairs. What you may not have considered, however, are the risks that occur with something as simple as eating.

Home Care in Houston, TXEating can pose a serious danger to your aging loved ones for many reasons. Mobility issues can make it more difficult for them to chew properly or cognitive concerns can cause them to forget the mechanics of eating. This may sound ridiculous, but even seniors who seem relatively healthy may be at risk of choking during normal everyday meals.

Home care services can help lessen this risk by being present during meals, and preparing food that is easier to eat. An in home care provider can prepare meals that are well balanced nutritionally and feature the flavors that your aging loved one enjoys, but that feature foods of a size, shape and consistency that are easier to consume safely.

Another way that home care services can help protect your aging parents when eating is ensuring that they have a drink nearby. This is another thing that seems to be common sense, but unfortunately it is overlooked when a senior doesn’t express first or ask for a drink to go with a meal. Whether it is simply not wanting to bother a person or cognitive difficulties that have made it impossible for him to express the desire for a beverage, a senior that does not ask for something to drink may not be given anything to drink, and therefore be at risk of choking. If a choking incident does occur, it is important that home care services inform you promptly.

You need to know when any serious changes have occurred in the condition of your aging loved ones, and this includes a dangerous incident such as choking while eating. Having difficulty eating could be an indication of worsening physical or cognitive concerns, which may require a visit to the doctor in changes in treatments.

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