Life moves quickly, especially when you’re a caregiver and you’re helping your senior navigate the new normal in her life. Sometimes what that means is that you’re asking yourself if you’re really seeing changes as they happen or if you’re imagining things. You’re probably imagining less than you think you are, but it’s important to take action quickly.

Ask Your Senior What She’s Noticing

Your elderly family member may have some ideas about what’s happening and how to proceed. If you haven’t talked to her about what you’re noticing and comparing it with what she’s noticing, you might be missing some possibilities. Talk to your elderly family member about what she feels might help. This is her life and her health, after all, and you need to keep her involved as much as you possibly can.

Consider a Doctor’s Appointment

You may also want to get an idea what your senior’s doctor has to say about the situation. Sometimes very small changes in your senior’s overall health can create big issues for her in other parts of her life. There may also be changes you’re noticing that you don’t connect to health changes, but that are indeed related to how your senior’s health is changing. Getting a handle on what’s truly going on matters a lot.

Keep the Focus on Safety

Overall, the focus needs to be on safety. When you’re focused on keeping your senior as safe as possible, that covers a lot of ground for her. You can apply that attitude toward everything from keeping her home physically safe to ensuring that she’s got the right nutrition to support her needs. Keep a running list of possible safety issues so that you can keep everything on your radar until it’s addressed completely.

You May Want to Try Several Different Solutions

There’s never one answer to meeting your senior’s needs on a regular basis. Finding the right answer can involve trying multiple solutions. There could be multiple ways for you to help her to life her life safely and independently. Bringing in elder care providers is a great way to ensure that she’s got help when she needs it and that she’s able to spend her time and her energy in the ways that work best for her.

Your senior’s needs are going to change. The key is noticing when her needs are changing and being proactive about solving problems that arise as a result.

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