If your elderly family member has been diagnosed with dementia, you might both worry that there’s nothing that she can do. But even with dementia your elderly family member can reap many benefits from keeping her brain active and working. Everything from simple tasks that you do together to following directions can fall under this category.

Her Sense of Self Is Affected

If your elderly family member is keeping her brain active and engaged, that affects her self-esteem. Even if she doesn’t seem to be aware of what’s happening in that regard, she is on some level. She’s still able to do more than you or she might think that she can, and when you allow her to face those challenges and conquer them, she’s able to boost her self-esteem and feel great about herself.

Feeling More Productive Is Important

But it’s not just about self-esteem. There’s a part of your senior that knows that she used to be productive and helpful. Dementia can rob her of that feeling. But as you keep her brain active and ask her to do tasks that challenge her concentration and her skills, she can still see herself making a difference. Even something as simple as folding towels can be empowering.

She Can Expend Excess Energy

If your elderly family member has ever wandered or asked repetitive questions, you probably already know that can be caused by a variety of situations, including her having excess energy she can’t expend in other ways. When you’re able to keep her challenged and engaged, she’s less likely to have to rely on challenging behaviors in order to get rid of that extra energy.

She Might Be Able to Slow Down Dementia’s Impact

Every person’s experience with dementia is different and the dementia progresses at a different pace for everyone affected by it. When your senior uses her brain, that’s like working a muscle. Exercising that brain and keeping it engaged means that it’s still trying to keep those pathways functioning. Your senior might be able to slow down how dementia is impacting her, if she’s not already too far down the path.

Another option to consider is that elder care providers can be incredibly helpful in your efforts to keep your senior mentally active, especially when you’re not able to be there with her. They can help in other ways, too, which can give you a much-needed break.

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