You might not realize it, but you could be a lot more stressed out than you would think. Some caregivers are pretty good at ignoring the stress that is taking a toll on them.

You Are Having a Lot of Trouble Concentrating

Stress takes up a lot of your mental bandwidth. That can mean that you end up having a lot more difficulty concentrating than you normally do. If you’re finding yourself having to read paragraphs over and over again or you have to ask people to repeat themselves, you might be having concentration issues.

You’re Angry When You Maybe Shouldn’t Be

Something else that happens with stress is that it puts all your emotions on red alert. Sometimes that means you’re more emotional, in terms of crying, than usual. More often, though, it can mean that your temper has a way shorter fuse than it normally does. Situations that normally wouldn’t make you angry may send you straight to very, very mad and that’s not good.

You’re Tired All the Time

Stress wears you out, even if you don’t even notice that you’re stressed. One of the ways you’ll start to notice is that you might be constantly tired, even if you think you’re sleeping well. Something else you might start to notice is that you’re waking up in the middle of the night or having a tough time even getting to sleep at all. During the day, you likely feel sluggish, but then find yourself blinking at your ceiling for hours during the night.

You’re in Denial about Some Things

Are you ignoring anything deliberately? That’s called denial. It’s when you have the facts about a situation, like your health or your senior’s health, and you act as if the facts are completely different because that’s easier for you to handle emotionally or mentally. But denial can be a sign that you’re overwhelmed and dealing with too much stress.

Your Physical Health Is Iffy

If you’ve been feeling awful regularly, lots of the above situations can be contributing. But it’s also highly likely that your stress levels are finally doing a number on your immune system. That ends up leaving you open to every germ that comes along, and there are a lot of germs going around constantly.

These are all big reasons for you to learn how to manage your stress levels. If you aren’t already, look into taking respite time. This involves having senior care providers come in and take care of your senior while you take time just for yourself so that you can relax and recharge.

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