Keeping your elderly family member as safe as possible sometimes means that you have to be alert to signs that things aren’t going as well as you hoped.

Your Senior’s Behavior Seems Off

When your elderly family member just isn’t acting like herself, that’s an indication to look deeper. Everyone has an off day or odd behaviors, but if your elderly family member is engaging in new habits that are making you wonder how she’s doing, those are questions you need to ask. There may be a reason those behaviors have become prominent.

She Seems to Be Less Social

Being socially distant may not be new for your senior, but if she’s not getting the social interaction that she needs or that is normal for her, that can be a problem. Talk to your elderly family member about what her social life is like right now. If she seems to be withdrawing from social opportunities and seems unhappy about that, there may be reasons.

She’s Got a Lot of New Items Showing Up

An influx of new items, either bought locally or through mail-order sources, could mean that your elderly family member is engaging in retail therapy or that she’s forgetting what she’s ordered. Regardless, this might be something you want to look at more closely. Are the purchases just to buy things, or are these things she has a use for?

Your Senior’s Personal Habits Are Changing

There are some important personal habits to notice, too. Your senior’s ability to bathe, to dress herself, and to do other things related to her own care could be changing. There’s a lot to look into in this area and a lot that can change in terms of what your senior is able to do on her own. Understanding where she’s having trouble can help you to find the right solutions for her, including bringing in home care providers to offer additional help.

Her Home Looks Different

Your senior’s home may look different, too. It might be more difficult for her to deal with the regular chores that are involved in keeping her home safe and clean. That might be something that she gives up on doing fairly quickly. If she’s isolating, not taking care of herself very well, and her home has become unsafe, these are some big signs for you.

Talk to your elderly family member about your concerns. It’s possible that simply having some more help from you and from home care providers is what she needs.

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