If you know what to look for in your senior’s kitchen, you might be able to figure out some details about her daily life. That information can help you to make some other decisions. Most of what her kitchen has to say revolves around what she’s eating, but there could also be safety concerns.

Old Food or Food That’s Expired

Fresh foods are usually suggested as part of a healthy diet. Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables can be just as nutritious, but the key is that they’re not expired or otherwise unsafe or unhealthy for your senior to eat. If you’re noticing a lot of foods that are out of date or expired, that might mean your senior is having a difficult time getting to the grocery store or that she’s simply not eating the foods that she is getting from the store.

Convenience or Junk Foods

Pre-packaged foods are convenient, but they’re often a less healthy choice for your senior. They often contain high amounts of sodium, sugar, and other ingredients you might find a little questionable. If you’re noticing a lot of these foods in your senior’s fridge and pantry, she might be relying on them rather than on food she’s cooking and eating. That might be a problem.

Malfunctioning Appliances

Make sure to pay attention to the appliances, too. If they’re not working well or even at all, that can mean that your senior doesn’t have a way to cook her food properly. They can even be dangerous, especially if power cords are frayed or otherwise not operating properly. Pay attention also to whether your senior seems to be relying on small appliances, like a hot pot, rather than her oven. That can point you to potential issues.

What’s in the Trash?

If you’re not feeling squeamish, make sure you take a peek at your senior’s trash, too. You might not see convenience foods in the freezer, but maybe there’s a stack of pizza boxes or fast food containers in the trash bin. That is your indication that your elderly family member is not only ordering out a lot, but that she’s eating plenty of foods that aren’t so great for her.

If your elderly family member is having a tough time cooking or stocking up on healthy ingredients, maybe you’re ready to try another option. Elderly care providers can do the cooking for her, ensuring she’s eating plenty of healthy foods that are nutritious and delicious.

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