Five Ways to Encourage Your Senior to Interact with Others

Being socially active is important for people of all age groups, but it’s especially important for your aging family member. The more often that she interacts with other people, the easier it will be for her to avoid isolation.

Find Local Activities She Might Enjoy

Classes, senior centers, and anywhere else people congregate are a great way to help your senior to meet new people. Make a list of a few things that your senior enjoys doing or wants to learn how to do. From there you can start looking for opportunities to mix socializing with those activities.

Try out Some Technology

If your elderly family member has been avoiding technology, now might be the time for her to pick some up. Video conferencing can make it easier for her to keep in touch with family members and friends who live far away. Smartphones make this type of conversation easier than ever and they’re not as intimidating as they used to be.

Reach out to Her

Even if you live in the same city as your senior you might not be in touch with her as often as you’d really like. Make it a point to reach out to her more often. A short daily conversation can help you both to feel more reassured about what’s going on in her life.

Set up a Schedule

If there are plenty of family members and friends living near your senior, they might visit more if they knew it was okay to drop by. Consider using a group calendar to keep everyone aware of what your senior’s schedule looks like and when she’s open to having visitors. That can allow you to stagger out those visits so everyone isn’t there on the same day.

Hire Elderly Care Providers

Your senior may have lots of different reasons for being less social. If she’s not driving as well as she used to or she’s not getting the nutrition that she needs, those factors can play a big part in keeping her at home. Elderly care providers can offer companionship and they can also help you to suss out what else might be going on.

Everyone is different, of course, and your aging adult might enjoy some of these ideas more than she enjoys others. The key is to experiment a bit and figure out what works best for her needs and wants. This might also be something that you ease her into gradually so that it’s not as overwhelming for her.

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