Elderly Care in Katy TX: Is a Pet the Best Way to Make Sure Your Mom Has a Companion?

There’s no argument over the impact a pet can have on your life. Studies find that pet ownership can lower blood pressure and pulse. Owning a dog can make you more active outside. Even cats require some level of exercise as you clean litter boxes and play. Pets give your mom companionship, too.

Pet ownership is a big responsibility, and some overlook that. If anything happens to your mom, what happens with her pets? This is something every family needs to discuss before the pet is brought into her life.

One Family’s Story

Ann’s parents celebrated retirement by getting a puppy. When that puppy turned five, they announced plans to get a second puppy as Ann’s mom had Alzheimer’s and really wanted a second dog for companionship. Ann and her brother told them a second puppy was a bad idea. Her dad insisted that it would be fine.

When the second puppy turned two, Ann’s dad had a stroke. Not only was he unable to use the entire left side of his body, but doctors also spotted a large mass pressing against his brain stem. That mass turned out to be an aggressive form of brain cancer. Her dad did not survive.

At the next memory care appointment, Ann and her younger brother were told it was time to move their mom into assisted living or hire caregivers to provide daily elderly care. Their mom didn’t remember to feed her dogs or take them outside for bathroom breaks. While they worked on elderly care services, the dogs needed new homes.

Her brother could only have one dog and took the older dog as that was the dog their mom recognized. The younger dog had to be rehomed or go with Ann and join the cats she already had. All of the local humane societies were booked up and said they couldn’t take him for a month or two. Other rescues told them they only take dogs from kill shelters.

Ann had to bring the dog home to her house. Soon, she learned he was aggressive with other pets and people in their yards or walking down the road. After he attacked her older cat, she was desperate to find a new home for him and had no choice but to wait.

You Have to Talk About the Future

You might think that if you had to rehome your mom’s cat or dog that it’s easy to do. It isn’t always so simple. You could be stuck with a pet you don’t want. This is why it’s important to talk about the pet’s care if anything happens.

There’s another way to make sure your mom has companionship. Elderly care agencies can send caregivers to spend time with your mom throughout the week. Call an agency to learn more.

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