Elderly Care in Far West Houston TX: Maintaining Boundaries in Your Daily Life When Your Parent Moves In

Elderly Care in Far West Houston TX: Maintaining Boundaries in Your Daily Life When Your Parent Moves In

Everyone has their ways when it comes to daily life. Even if you do not have a strict schedule or routine, you have certain ways you tend to go about doing things, and expectations about how certain things in your home and life will run. If you are a family caregiver who is considering having your aging parent move into your home with you and the rest of your family, it is important to recognize the value of maintaining these patterns. Establishing boundaries regarding your daily life is an extremely important step in keeping this transition smooth, and ensuring everyone gets the most benefit out of the arrangement.

Use these tips to maintain boundaries in your daily life when your parent moves in:

  • Have a chore chart. Specify who is responsible for what tasks throughout the home. This might be cleaning up your own room, putting dishes in the sink, washing dishes, doing laundry, or any other task. If the responsibility rotates, note that. Make sure that everyone understands their responsibilities so they can fulfill them without questions. This is also an important time to talk to your parent about how you do things. Even if they tend to do things differently, they should not expect to tell you how to do those things, for you to change, or for them to be able to go behind you and alter what you’ve done.
  • Talk to your parent about parenting your children. Make sure your parent understands that you have your own approach to parenting, and it is not up for debate or change. Let them know you are not going to change rules, responsibilities, or behaviors, and that they are not to attempt to parent your children, or go behind your back and change things you have set into place. If there are difficulties or questions, they should come to you and let you handle it.
  • Keep your routines. If you have routines and habits before your parent moves in, it is important to do what you can to keep those. If you have always had a pizza and games night one night a week, continue to do that. Include your parent if they want to be a part of it, but make it clear it will not change or stop because they are there.
  • Make sure they understand your role. Simply because your parent is in the home with you doesn’t mean they should expect you to be caring for them 24 hours a day. They should also not expect you to handle things they can do for themselves. For example, if they are capable of getting up and getting their own breakfast, or drink during the day, then they need to do that themselves. Insist on independence as much as possible to keep your parent’s mind and body active, and reduce your stress.

Simply because you are able to be with your parent all day everyday does not mean elderly care should not be an element of your care approach for your senior. As a family caregiver, you want what’s best for your parent, but that may not mean being with them all the time. Introducing the customized services on an elderly home care services provider can grant your parent a greater sense of independence and autonomy, and also work toward protecting your own health and well-being. Elderly care offers your parent exactly the support and care they need to manage their challenges and medes and the ways that are right for them. These services also promote greater control over their life, allowing your parents to make decisions such as activities they want to do, outings they want to go on, and more without always having it to rely on you. This can promote a higher quality of life for both your senior, and you as they age in place.

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