Elder Care in River Oaks TX: Can a Visit Let You Know Something Is Going on with Your Elderly Loved One?

Elder Care in River Oaks TX: Can a Visit Let You Know Something Is Going on with Your Elderly Loved One?

When you live far away from your elderly loved one, it’s not such a simple feat to know what is going on with her at all times. Often a visit is all you have to go on, but that can be enough to start getting your loved one some extra help.

Look for Physical Indications of Potential Problems

Sometimes the most obvious signs that there’s something not quite right with your elderly loved one can be physical indicators. If your loved one has lost a good bit of weight, for example, this could be a sign that she’s not eating well. Your loved one might have also developed some odd symptoms that don’t seem to match up with possible illnesses, making a trip to her doctor a necessity. During your visit, stay alert for any signs that bear further investigation so that you can do that right then.

Check Your Loved One’s Level of Engagement in Her Life

Engagement in life means that your elderly loved one is actively participating in her own life. She’s paying her bills, she’s going grocery shopping and cooking, and she’s keeping up with her housework. There are other factors to watch, depending on your elderly loved one and her life. If she’s always been very well put together, for example, and suddenly she’s disheveled, this might be an indication that something is not quite right for your loved one.

Verify Your Loved One’s Home Is Safe for Her

Your loved one’s home may have some obvious safety issues, such as flooring that isn’t secured properly or handrails that are loose. Some of these issues may be easy for you to correct for her. Other issues may take a little bit more sleuthing, such as window locks that aren’t as secure as they seem or exterior lighting that is poorly placed. Do a thorough safety check of all the different areas in your loved one’s home to get a thorough idea of what needs to be done.

If you’re still living far away from your elderly loved one, consider hiring elder care providers to check on your loved one for you and to help her with her daily life.

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