Elder Care in Houston TX: 5 Tips for a Dementia-Friendly Home

With proper care, people who have dementia can continue to live at home, especially during the early stages. One way to make living at home easier for seniors with dementia and their caregivers is to make changes to the home that improve safety and reduce confusion. Although some of these changes can be made even during later stages, making them early on can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity as the disease progresses. Below are 5 tips to make a senior’s home more dementia friendly.

#1: Improve Household Lighting

Make sure the house is brightly lit to make it easy for seniors to see and to prevent shadows that can be frightening or confusing. Shiny surfaces that create glare can also be a problem for people with dementia. Cover shiny countertops and tables with mats to reduce glare. Make sure the mats are in light colors so they don’t give the impression of holes.

#2: Use Pictures as Labels

Put pictures on doors and drawers to show what is inside them. Label kitchen cabinets to show what foods are inside. Put pictures on closet doors to show seniors where to find clothes, towels, or blankets. Label dresser drawers, too.

#3: Avoid Patterned Furniture

People with dementia can have trouble discerning items from their backgrounds. To avoid a problem with the senior tripping over furniture, choose colors that don’t blend in with the background. Also, avoid furniture with patterned upholstery because they can be confusing to look at.

#4: Remove Clutter

Cluttered, busy rooms can be overwhelming and distracting for dementia patients. They may cause confusion or make it hard for them to concentrate on conversations or tasks. Simplify the environment while still making it pleasant and keeping some of the senior’s favorite items.

#5: Make Large Windows and Glass Doors Visible

Large panes of glass can be hard for people with dementia to see. To prevent them from injuring themselves by walking into them, try using decals, suncatchers, or signs to make them visible. One way to do this is to decorate them with window clings for the season.

Elder care providers can assist older adults and their families to make the home dementia friendly. Elder care providers can keep rooms clean and neat to prevent clutter. They can also help to keep the house brightly lit by opening blinds and curtains and turning on lights. No matter how many changes you make to the house, eventually your aging relative will need constant care to remain safe. Elder care providers can be scheduled to spend as many hours with your aging relative as need to ensure they have round-the-clock care.




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