As an elder care provider, you already know the importance of encouraging exercise among seniors. Getting plenty of physical activity supports not only physical health and well-being, but also improved psychological health and a better perception of the world around you. Making sure that your aging loved one gets plenty of physical activity on a regular basis will help him to manage his health concerns, and keep him more involved in the world, which is critical for supporting ongoing mental health and acuity.

Elder Care in Hilshire Village, TXThere are many different types of exercise that can be fantastic for seniors, but a new trend is becoming extremely popular with aging adults and their younger counterparts as well. Also referred to as Nordic walking, pole walking has become a popular way to encourage daily physical activity that gets seniors out in the fresh air and interacting with other people, while also encouraging cardiovascular, muscular and joint health. This type of exercises performed using specially designed Nordic walking sticks which are very similar to the poles that are used during cross-country skiing. These poles encourage additional movement by requiring the arms to move with each step, but also helps take a tremendous amount of pressure off of the hip and knee joints by allowing seniors to apply weight to the poles.

Many areas have developed walking groups that bring together seniors and younger generations that enjoy Nordic walking and encourage socialization and interaction while exercising. Statistics have shown that people that have exercise buddies or groups that expect them to show up for group exercise activities and hold them accountable for their participation are much more likely to continuously participate in these activities and stay active. Even if there are no Nordic walking groups available in your area, you can enhance your efforts to provide elder care for your aging loved one by taking up the activity with him. You may find a participating in this activity is a fantastic way for you to enjoy quality time together outside of the home and even to release the tension that sometimes develops between a senior and his caregiver. Having a chance to exercise together and spend time talking improves your bond and ensures that your relationship stays strong.

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