Elder Care in River Oaks, TX

Elder-Care-in-River-Oaks-TXAs they age, many seniors find they have digestive troubles. Some of these may be caused by dietary choices, and others may be symptoms of more serious medical conditions. Any elderly care patient experiencing bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn or stomach pain should reach out to their doctor for advice.

But whatever the cause of gastrointestinal distress, there are some dietary choices that can help ease the symptoms.

  1. Many people are surprised that the first recommendation is to stay hydrated, but getting enough water is one of the most important things your senior can do to stay healthy. They should be drinking at least 6 8-oz. glasses of water a day. A couple of easy ways to help them remember how much to drink are to either have them line up six glasses every morning and have them be finished at night or to get a pitcher that they can fill with 48 ounces of water and then pour from throughout the day.
  2. In addition to drinking water, they should try to keep a consistent daily schedule for eating. Especially during the holidays this can be a challenge with large family meals, but an important idea is that they still eat 3 meals that day with one slightly smaller and one slightly larger. Try to encourage them not to overeat at the holiday meal as that will almost surely result in increased pain and discomfort for them going forward. And if they do eat one larger meal a day regularly, encourage them to make that one lunch so they have plenty of time to digest it while they are awake and active.
  3. While consistent portion sizes are indeed important, so is what they are eating. Eating low fat proteins, high fiber, low salt, and keeping sweets to a minimum are of course ideal, but very few people can eat that way all the time. So encourage at least moderation. Help them make better choices. If they are a salty snack eater but struggle with high blood pressure, for example, teach them that they can make hot air popcorn (in a hot air popper or in the microwave) and add some salt-free seasoning. Things don’t have to taste bad to be healthy!
  4. Encourage them to stay active. Regular exercise, even if it is limited in duration and intensity, can help keep their digestive system on track. It isn’t a cure-all, but it is without a doubt one of the best self-help remedies out there.

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