Our granddaughter is the happiest person I ever met! When she is not smiling, she is laughing, it is so great to be around her. Have you met people like this, so happy all the time? It got me thinking, is happiness a personality trait or can you do things to make yourself happier? Researchers that study happiness find that both are true. Some people have a personality that is more naturally happier than others, however, happiness is something we can choose as a state of being.

What is happiness? Research suggests real happiness is not a fleeting sensation but a combination of how satisfied you are with your life and your relationships, how much meaning you have from your work, and how much gratitude you feel. Experts say if happiness is solely dependent on our circumstances, most of us would be unhappy because life brings challenges and adversity. People often find meaning and personal growth in hard times. Studies indicate that people who are thankful and help others tend to be happier. Happiness helps our immune system stay strong. It makes our life more fulfilling. Our happiness positively impacts our family, friends, our co-workers, our clients, and our community. “The world is a better place when the happiest version of each one of us is walking around.”