Whether she’s got an official routine or not, your senior is doing something with her days. A loose routine can make your senior feel anxious and lost, so helping her to put a little bit of structure to her day can make a big difference.

What Does She Like to Do?

The best place to start when thinking about your senior’s daily routine is with what she enjoys doing. You could start with all the things she “has” to do in a given day, but those usually take care of themselves in terms of timing. So by starting with what she enjoys, you’re helping her to be sure that she does more of what she loves, on purpose. If she likes reading, maybe starting the day with a couple of hours of reading would be helpful. If she enjoys something else, work that into each day.

When and What Matter

What helps your elderly family member to feel her best? Sometimes it’s not just the activity, it’s when she does that activity. If reading makes her feel sleepy but she loves to read, maybe morning isn’t the best time. Maybe reading in the afternoon or early evening is better because that eases her into her evening and bedtime rituals. Likewise, exercise might have her too wired to sleep that night if she moves too late in the day, so moving that to the morning might be a good idea.

Look at Her Old Daily Routines

When your elderly family member was much busier and younger, she definitely had daily routines. What did she do then? Talk to her about those old routines and what she misses and what she doesn’t. For instance, maybe she misses feeling productive at her job, but doesn’t want to work now. What could help her to feel productive each day now?

This Isn’t about Making Her Feel Rushed

Make sure you’re leaving lots of margin in this new routine of your senior’s. This isn’t about rushing her through every day and keeping her booked from sunup to sundown. This is about helping her to feel as if there’s a structure to her day that’s challenging and enjoyable at the same time. That’s going to give her the enrichment that she needs.

Keep Yourself in the Routine

Believe it or not, you’re part of your senior’s routine because you’re her caregiver. There may be things you do together, like helping her to cook for the day. You’re also going to need to include time that’s just for you, even just a few minutes a couple of times a day.

Make sure that you let other people who care for your senior know about her routines. When elder care providers are aware of what your senior needs and is used to, they can help to support her through those routines.

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