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Use Technology to Connect Elderly Parents With Family

Use Technology to Connect Elderly Parents With Family

Use Technology to Connect Elderly Parents With Family

Modern technology and personal electronic devices are such a part of daily life that you probably can’t imagine how you would get along without them. However, for many elderly people, technology is intimidating and they can’t really see the benefits. At the same time, they often miss interacting with friends and family members that live both near and far. You can use technology to connect your elderly parents with their loved ones, just as you do. The only difference is that you need to teach your aging parents how to use electronic devices and get them set up on their own.

Here are just a few ideas for how to use technology to connect elderly parents with family members across the world:

  • Texting and messaging apps: While your aging parents may not know much about types of phones and service plans, they shouldn’t have much trouble learning how to text with family members. Getting them a smart phone or tablet makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with everyone by texting.
  • Social media: While not every social media platform might be right for your aging mom or dad, there are several that would help them keep up with what everyone is doing. They’ll be able to see pictures, read funny or frustrating stories that others post, and even share silly memes. Learning how to use social media will definitely help aging parents bridge that generation gap.
  • Video chats and voice messaging: Imagine the excitement your elderly parents will have when they realize they can see the faces of their grandchildren and children that live far away without having to travel. Video chat software and voice messaging apps are convenient, clear and easy to learn.
  • Email: Elderly parents may like the throwback feeling of writing up a letter to a loved one but bringing it into the modern times via email. They can even send a group email and keep everyone up to speed on what’s taking place in their lives. It only takes a few minutes for people to write back, making elderly parents very happy indeed.

All your elderly parents need is a patient teacher and the simplest approaches to using electronic devices and related technology. Although they may be reluctant at first, their desire to keep in touch with loved ones usually inspires them to keep at it. Many people find it helpful to write down the steps needed to access a particular platform or software. Then, your elderly parent can refer to it frequently until they learn it.

As with teens and kids, you will need to monitor your elderly parent’s activity on line. That’s because they are susceptible to predators, scams and even inadvertently purchasing things. Teach your aging parent how to maintain a digital presence and stay safe online. Make sure they share usernames and passwords with you and always put their settings on the most private levels.

When seniors learn to use technology properly, it can be a powerful tool that lets them connect with friends and family. The opportunity to strengthen family bonds is limited only by their inability to start the process on their own. As part of your elderly care responsibilities, please consider guiding your elderly parents into the digital world of today.


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Donna Wrabel, LMSW

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