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Are Some of Your Bad Habits Really Techniques for Managing Stress?

Caregivers in The Energy Corridor TX: Are Some of Your Bad Habits Really Techniques for Managing Stress?

Caregivers in The Energy Corridor TX: Are Some of Your Bad Habits Really Techniques for Managing Stress?

Managing stress that builds up as a caregiver is difficult, especially if you haven’t really noticed how stressed you are. Some of the coping techniques you might be using could actually be bad habits that are gaining ground over your good habits.

Smoking or Drinking

Smoking and drinking alcohol are normal activities for many people, but they can also be crutches during times of stress. If you’re noticing that you’re drinking a little more than usual or that you’re smoking more, you might want to ask yourself why. Start paying attention to what feelings or situations drive you to light up another cigarette or pour another drink.

Overeating, Particularly Unhealthy Foods

Some people are emotional eaters, which means that during times of stress or when they’re unhappy, they tend to eat more than they would otherwise. The food of choice usually turns out to be junk food or food that really isn’t a healthy choice. You might want to consider keeping a food log and looking at how you’re feeling when you grab particular foods.

Isolating Yourself

Often as a family caregiver you might find yourself too busy to really enjoy with the people that you love the way that you used to. But that doesn’t mean that you have to isolate yourself completely. You might start to notice that it’s been longer and longer between visits with friends or even phone calls. Try to make a concerted effort to reach out and rekindle those relationships.

Procrastinating Important Projects

When you’re feeling stressed out, important projects or situations can be that one thing that’s just too much for you to deal with. If you’re finding that you’re putting these projects off more and more, there might be a reason. Overwhelm can keep you from focusing, so break projects down into smaller tasks to get some movement going.

Sleeping Too Much or Not Enough

Stress can keep you from getting to sleep, especially when you’re running scenarios through your head nonstop. But some people find that they just can’t stay awake when they’re under a great deal of stress, which creates other problems. Any changes to your sleeping patterns can be a sign that there’s something more going on.

Start paying attention to whether you’re using any of these types of activities to make up for the stress that you’re experiencing as a caregiver. If you suspect that you are, it’s time to get some help for the stress and to move away from some of these habits. In-home caregivers can offer the respite you need to escape the stress and focus on recovering from these bad habits. Caregivers can offer your senior loved one immeasurable benefits, including companionship, ambulatory assistance, meal preparation, light housekeeping and more. Consider a caregiver to help ease the burden on you, and to provide the kind of care your senior parent deserves.

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Donna Wrabel, LMSW

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