Caregivers in Memorial TX: Are You a Family Caregiver with Too Much Stress?

Caregivers in Memorial TX: Are You a Family Caregiver with Too Much Stress?

You know that caring for your aging mom or dad is very stressful. Even though you love them dearly, it doesn’t change the fact that providing full-time care to an elderly adult is a lot of physical and mental work. If you don’t take care of yourself as well, you could suffer from chronic stress.

Family caregivers like you must put your needs as a priority so that you don’t have too much stress in your life. Yet how can you justify leaving your aging parent, especially if they cannot be left alone? Many people hire home care providers to give them the breaks they need to maintain a balance and step away from their caregiving duties.

What Do Home Care Providers Do?

You may have some idea of what in-home care is, but don’t know if it really applies to your situation. Home care providers are trained and experienced in assisting elderly adults live in their own home, despite physical or mental limitations that prevent them from being completely independent. Health issues, injuries, and age-related conditions often force seniors to give up certain tasks. This means they need help with things like housekeeping, cooking, getting dressed, grooming and more. Often, family caregivers take over these responsibilities.

Home care providers are the professionals you can call to provide aid to your aging parent. They can help with bathing, dressing, grooming and hygiene. Sometimes, elderly adults that are embarrassed or modest about morning tasks in front of their adult child will be more comfortable with a stranger. Home care providers can also help around the house, like light cleaning, meal preparation, and laundry. When there are tasks that you don’t have time to do, schedule the home care provider to come in and be helpful.

Beat Stress with Home Care Providers

If you are like most family caregivers, you have other responsibilities that need your attention, such as a job, children, spouse or community responsibilities. It can be very hard for you to find the time to do it all. When you have lots of frustration without times to cool down and take a break, you develop chronic stress.

Chronic stress can cause health problems for family caregivers, such as weight gain or loss, high blood pressure, poor immune system, insomnia, depression and even substance abuse. If you aren’t healthy, there’s no way you can do a good job watching out for your elderly parent. In time, most of the other areas in your life will start to suffer as you try hard to do it all.

When you hire a home care provider, you’re giving yourself a chance to regain your physical and mental health. Also, you’re giving your aging mom or dad a chance to socialize and relax, knowing that they don’t have to clean the house or worry about their next meal. Home care providers are the dependable and effective assistant you both need to have the best quality of life.

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