Could the power of being positive help your dad age at home? A doctor at Johns Hopkins took a look at optimists and pessimists and found the risk factors for heart disease were 13 percent lower in optimists. Researchers have also found that people who think positively have found symptoms of depression eased.

It’s not always easy to remain positive, but it can help your dad feel better. He shouldn’t give up hope if he’s always been a pessimist. Here are some simple ways to change his attitude.


Meditation helps the body calm and de-stress. Sitting and meditating may not be easy or feel natural to your dad. Instead, he could try Tai Chi. The exercise form works on balance and positive Chi (energy). The moves are gentle, flowing, and won’t exhaust him.

Yoga is another exercise that helps with relaxation and meditation. If he wants to try Yoga, he should look for a beginner’s course. Mobility issues are avoided by choosing a Chair Yoga program.

Be Charitable

It’s hard to feel down when you realize others are in far worse shape. Your dad’s finances may be lousy, but he likely has a roof over his head. His health may not be as good as he’d like, but he has a family supporting him. There are thousands of people all over the world who would be happy to have what your dad has.

With that knowledge, he could volunteer, donate supplies or clothing, or find another way to be charitable. By helping someone else, he’ll have insight into how it could be worse. He’ll also have a sense of pride that he was able to help in some way.

Sing and Dance

Singing helps ease stress. It also leads to feelings of happiness and joy. If your dad doesn’t like dancing, he doesn’t have to. He should crank up the music, grab a vacuum, broom, or mop and move to the music. While he’s cleaning up, he can sing as loud as he’d like.

Be Surrounded by Positive People

Make sure your dad is surrounded by positive people. Socialization benefits both physical and mental health. If he chooses uplifting people, he’ll benefit the most.

Being alone all day, every day, may make it hard for your dad to stay positive. He doesn’t have to be alone. Talk to an elderly care agency about the services the caregivers offer. One, in particular, is worth looking into. Ask about companionship when you call the elderly care agency.


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