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Writing Letters to Loved Ones: A Great Senior Care Activity

Senior Care in Hunters Creek, TX: There’s Something Special about a Hand-written Letter

Senior Care in Hunters Creek, TXIt was not even a generation ago when people were still writing letters to one another far more often than they were sending emails or other forms of communication. With the advent of texting, emailing, and social media, writing letters is quickly becoming a lost art form. Right now, writing letters to loved ones can be a wonderful senior care activity to take part in.

What is the big deal about letters?

Letters were the most common form of communication for thousands of years. Of course, an individual would have to be literate in order to write letters, but throughout most societies, there were usually people who could be hired or encouraged to write a letter for somebody, even if they couldn’t write it themselves.

Letters are a much more intimate form of communication than digital emails, texting and other computer related forms. Sending a quick text to somebody to say hi, how are you doing, is fine, but you are not going to get much information from them.

Writing a letter means that you will be including likely a number of questions about the person to whom you are writing as well as information about yourself.

You can share memories, thoughts, concerns, or anything else that you want in a letter. The letter doesn’t really have to have any structure when you are writing to a loved one. Yet writing a letter can signify so much to the person who receives a letter, such as the fact that you were thinking about them and that you took the time to sit down and write it.

How to start writing letters to loved ones.

Even for the individual who requires senior care services, if they can hold a pen, they can be writing letters. This can help them organize thoughts more effectively and they can also express certain things that they may have been holding back through the years.

Always begin a letter to a loved one with the salutation Dear so-and-so.

Avoid general salutations like hello, good day, or to: so-and-so.

After that, open up by simply saying that you were thinking of the person and just wanted to write them a simple letter to say hello and to see how they were doing. From there, go on and explain things that are happening in your life. You can talk about the senior care you are receiving, fears that you have had, memories that you shared of this person, and anything else your heart desires.

When it comes to senior care and writing letters to loved ones, you can also suggest that the patient write letters to friends or loved ones who are no longer here as well as those who may even be living in the same house. When it comes to letters, the process of writing can be powerful.

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Donna Wrabel, LMSW

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