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Try This Fun and Engaging Activity with Your Elderly Loved One with Alzheimer's

Senior Care in River Oaks, TX – Playing Trivia is a Great Way to Interact and Exercise the Brain at the Same Time

Senior Care in River Oaks, TX There are numerous things just about anyone can do to promote positive Alzheimer’s care. One thing that seniors with Alzheimer’s and their family should consider looking into is memory loss care.

Memory loss is one of the most commonly thought about symptoms of Alzheimer’s and even though the more serious aspects of memory loss will occur for some time (until the latter stages of the disease), doing certain memory loss care activities now could help delay the onset of that memory loss.

Trivia questions are a fun and exciting way to get somebody’s mind working. The brain is a muscle and requires exercise, just like any other muscle in the body. Watching television or doing activities that don’t require deep thought, concentration, or strategy are not going to be beneficial for the Alzheimer’s patient.

Below are a number of trivia questions that the Alzheimer’s care provider may consider asking the patient. This can be a fun activity that they do once a day, something done with other family members as part of a game, or just part of the morning ritual.

Some quality trivia questions:

1. What country has more tractors per capita: Iceland, Japan, or Canada? The answer: Iceland.

2. What laundry detergent product received a great deal of attention from its ad slogan, “Ring around the collar?” The answer: Wisk.

3. What explorer is responsible for introducing pigs to North America? Answer: Christopher Columbus.

4. What railway connected Moscow and Irkutsk in 1900? The answer: the Trans-Siberian Railway.

5. How many musicians are required in order to consider a band a “big band?” The answer: Ten.

6. What is another common name that refers to a water moccasin? The answer: A cottonmouth.

7. The Churchill, Sherman, and Panzer were all developed as what? The answer: Tanks.

8. Who recorded the number one version of Mac the Knife? Answer: Bobby Darin.

9. What is the postal abbreviation for the state of Maine? The answer: ME.

10. What does LCD stand for? The answer: Liquid Crystal Display.

11. In what state is Prince William Sound? The answer: Alaska.

12. On a typewriter or computer keyboard, what letter is situated between Q and E? The answer: W.

13. What type of animal is called a skink? The answer: A lizard.

These are just a few fun trivia questions that you can begin asking the Alzheimer’s patient. There are hundreds of thousands of questions you can find online or in books that could provide daily benefits for positive Alzheimer’s care.

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Donna Wrabel, LMSW

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