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Is Your Senior at Increased Risk of Diabetic Eye Disease?

Senior Care in Memorial TX: The term “diabetic eye disease” is a blanket term used to refer to a collection of diseases affecting the eyes that are common effects of diabetes. Anyone who is living with diabetes is at risk of developing an eye disease as a result of it, but there are some people who are at increased risk.

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Senior Care Activities: Making a Homemade Bath Jelly

Senior Care in Memorial, TX There is nothing quite like slipping into a soothing bath to help you relax and feel like all of the stress and challenge of the day has washed away. This can be especially important when you are on a senior care journey with your elderly loved ones. Whether you are…

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Proper Care for any Senior Should Include Eye Exams

Senior Care in Memorial, TX Never underestimate the ability of eye exams to help detect some very serious vision-related problems. As people get older, the risk of developing glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other conditions will increase. Some of these serious vision problems, such as glaucoma, will not present with any outward symptoms until it…

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