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January is Adopt a Rescued Bird Month

Senior Care in Houston, TX For elderly adults living at home, pets can be great companions and friends. Owning a pet had long been known to be therapeutic for elderly adults as they provide companionship, help their owners stay active, and help their owners fight loneliness. When most people think of adopting a pet, furry…

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A Fun Indoor Plant Idea for Seniors in Winter

Senior Care in Houston, TX– Bonsai Trees are a Fun and Interesting Hobby for Seniors Bonsai is a beautifully intricate Japanese art form. It translates literally to “tray planting” and represents an aesthetic miniature model of nature. Bonsai trees are deliberately twisted and trained into shapes and are prevented from growing too large. Maintaining a…

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Two Activities that Can Improve Senior Care in Houston, TX

Finding ways to improve senior care means focusing on what would benefit the elderly patient. There’s no right or wrong answer that is going to encompass every senior who requires some level of assistance in their life. However, one of the common denominators to having a high quality of life in those later years is…

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Senior Care in Houston, TX: In Home Care and Alzheimer’s

It can certainly be a challenge to provide in home care for an elderly family member who is coping with Alzheimer’s disease. It affects memories and disrupts their ability to carry through with simple daily tasks of life. Of course, this can be very frustrating for the family member who is primary caregiver. The elderly…

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