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How to Wash Hair for Bedridden Seniors

Elder Care in The Heights TX: Caring for a bedridden senior adult requires a big shift in how daily tasks are done. Things that seemed so easy before now require some planning and problem solving. Grooming and hygiene become more difficult for the bedridden, especially when it comes to washing hair.

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It’s Never too Late to Get Organized

Elder Care in The Heights, TX – Organizing the House can help Seniors both Reminisce and Avoid Unsafe Clutter Jeremy was never one to have a lot of organization. He didn’t care too much about it when he was younger, and when he reached retirement age, he certainly didn’t think it mattered then. Yet now that…

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Elder Care in The Heights, TX: The Village Concept

Elder care is a constantly changing industry. As lives are lengthening and the medical community is improving, seniors are able to live healthier, more productive, and more active lifestyles well into their elderly years. Innovative elder care is about keeping up with the changes in the elder care industry and making adjustments to the elderly…

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