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What You Should Know About Psoriatic Arthritis

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Elder Care in Houston TXPsoriatic arthritis occurs when the immune system becomes too overactive, causing the joints to become inflamed. Its symptoms resemble those of gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis, so it can be difficult to get an accurate diagnosis.

The good news is that this condition is treatable, but it will never fully go away. However, by taking care of themselves and knowing as much about this condition as possible, your loved one will be able to prevent future joint flare-ups. An elder care provider can also help give your loved one the motivation needed to make the right health choices, as well as remind them of when it is time to take their medication.


There are several symptoms that are clear indications your loved one might have psoriatic arthritis. These symptoms include:

  • Inflamed joints. The joints in the ankles, knees, feet, and hands may become puffy and painful. They may also become hot and red.
  • Pain and stiffness. This could occur in the neck, lower back, upper back, and trunk as a result of the inflamed joints of the spine and hip bones.
  • Difficulty walking. For some, inflammation could occur where the muscle meets the bone, causing unbearable pain when walking or climbing the stairs.
  • Part of the eye becomes inflamed. The colored part of the eye may become inflamed, causing pain, especially in the presence of bright lights.
  • Changes in their fingernails and toenails. Tiny dents, also known as pitting, may occur.
  • Shortness of breath. This occurs when the chest wall and cartilage between the ribs and breastbone get inflamed.

Coping with Psoriatic Arthritis

  • Exercise more. Many elders with arthritis think that physical activities can cause their joints to flare up. It can actually have the opposite effect, easing their pain and helping them manage their condition.
  • Use cold and hot. Using cold washcloths, bags of ice, or frozen vegetables can reduce swelling and pain. Moist heat can also help by relaxing the muscles and relieving any pain or stiffness in the joints.
  • Make changes. Just because the elder has psoriatic arthritis does not mean they have to completely stop doing the things they love. There are plenty of ways they can adapt to their condition without causing any discomfort or pain. Have them talk to their doctor for ideas.
  • Take plenty of breaks. If the elder does begin to feel bouts of pain and stiffness coming on, encourage them to take frequent breaks from their tasks until their symptoms subside.


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