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Angry Outbursts and Elderly Care in Memorial, TX

Elderly Care in Memorial, TXPeople who are emotional may have a tendency for angry outbursts. When it comes to elderly care, dealing with outbursts may be commonplace. It all depends on the patient and his or her temperament, but how you deal with those angry outbursts can directly impact the quality of care you provide to the patient.

Practice patience.

No matter what happens during an outburst by the elderly patient, you need to be able to show restraint. This means that you may be delayed in getting to an appointment or eating dinner or some other activity that you had planned with the elderly patient.

If you don’t have patience, then it is going to be more difficult for you to deal with these outbursts in a healthy and positive way. If you don’t have patience right now, you can develop it by utilizing various strategies to remind yourself to hold back your reactions.

Don’t react.

The biggest mistake that most people make when dealing with individuals having an angry outburst is that they react. If you react to the elderly patient, then this is most likely going to exacerbate the situation. In other words, you are just going to be making things worse.

Why would you need to react in the first place? Most angry outbursts are the result of a problem that the individual is having with themselves and not the people they lash out at. The moment that you react, you are inviting confrontation. It may be the confrontation that the patient is looking for.

Hold your tongue and don’t react.

Avoid taking things personally.

Often, a person who is having an angry outburst may say some very hurtful things to the people around them. This is more often a desire to move some internal pain to others.

As an elderly care provider, you need to find a way to avoid taking these outbursts personally. The patient may tell you things that cause you a lot of pain, and if they cause you to be uncomfortable or you don’t feel that you can get past them, then you may need to encourage them to find a different elderly care provider.

Depending on the physical health and emotional well-being of the patient, these angry outbursts can be more common. If you believe or feel that you are incapable of handling these situations properly, then it’s important that you let the patient or his or her family members know so that they can make other arrangements to find a different elderly care provider.

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Donna Wrabel, LMSW

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